Roof standoffs for conduit

Founded in 1998, MAPA is the leading innovator in engineered rooftop pipe supports. EcoBlok is designed for lighter  The Roof Topper™ supports raise conduit or raceway 4" - or more - off the roof surface to meet the requirements of the 2011 NEC for temperature adjustment for   30 Nov 2010 Who else besides Caddy sells the foam roof blocks with the strut inserted? Cheers. Pipe Supports. Clevis Hangers are used to suspend non-insulated or insulated stationary pipe. Apr 28, 2015 · Leading the industry and the choice of professional contractors across the nation, the Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system provides the best overall pipe stand product on the market today. This Together, we are making the future possible. S Loose or broken clamps can be problematic or even dangerous. Also, cutting and roof system removal How to Unclog a Vent Pipe. Choose from our selection of pipe standoffs, including over 3,000 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. Single post supports for condensate or sloped lines. IronRidge Conduit Mount provides versatile support for a variety of electrical accessories, while protecting the roof with proven  Today's flat roofs support an ever-increasing amount of equipment and it is important that the rooftop supports are long-lasting and keep the roof membrane   59 Products Seeing the finished result of a project is often the inspiration for tackling one of your own. Discount Rooftop Conduit Supports | Best Selection and Prices on Conduit Support Systems, Strut Supports, Miro Supports, PHP supports and more. Pipes rest in a 'U' shaped cradle situated in a polycarbonate resin seat. We've designed these mounts to lift electrical conduit off the roof to protect wiring from overheating. Show More. AND BENEFITS: • Provides superior support for pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and Hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long lasting performance • Supports Application, Electrical Fixing and Fastening; Rooftop; HVAC, Plumb racking, duct supports, air conditioning supports, cable tray systems, pipe & conduit supports. Select a Model. How To Install Angled WL-Wire Surface Mounts. When the Ladder-Max standoff/ stabilizer is combined with the Safe-T Ladder Rail extensions, the user can step through the safety rails onto the roof without side stepping while still protecting gutters and roofing materials from damage. A Unipier base with Unistrut channel can easily be used to support roof-mounted electrical conduit, solar piping, cable tray, or other light  Strut Supports For Conduit And Refrigeration Piping. The pipe leading to the main roof vent is called the vent stack. Aluminum Brown Vent Pipe Roof Flashing with 3 in. Most ship assembled with strut and/or threaded rod installed on base. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. Lite Pipe Support. Alternative, handmade props such as wood blocks are precarious at best, and simply do not provide the durability and versatility of the Pipe Prop. 49 Oct 07, 2020 · Conduit Penetration Flashing; Complete Mounting & Racking Systems for All Roof Types. • Made from 100% recycled. MAPA offers a full line of products including: Roller supports for gas and mechanical piping. Whether it's securing supply lines, DWV pipe or supporting your work with brackets and bars, you can count on us for quality, performance and innovation. Where electrical conduit passes through the building roof, the construction shown in Figure 9 should be used. When it comes to supporting small rooftop pipes and conduit, nothing is faster or easier than OMG PipeGuard®. By way of comparison, the wall thick-ness of 1/2-inch-thick metallic conduit is comparable to the metal thickness of a 20-gauge steel roof deck. With nine models ranging in size and configuration, there’s a PipeGuard for virtually application. comwww. Your plumbing vent pipes sit exposed on your house’s roof, where objects such as tree twigs, tennis balls and even snow may fall down the pipes. Model# 12955 $ 8 05. Vents allow sewer gases to escape and allow air electrical conduit passes through a hole in the panel, that joint should be made watertight. Find pipe support & clamps at Lowe's today. 1 PO Box 247 Forest Grove, OR 97116 Toll Free - (877)693-0727 Fax - (503)533-5501 Another Roof Access Option : There is another ladder accessory option for those people who are not comfortable side stepping onto a roof. View all models Load More Find a Sales Representative Every model comes standard with mounting system, gasket, multiple standoffs for easy back-panel/component/DIN rail installation, F1 UV protection, warp resistance, removable doors, lockable latches, and UL designation stickers. 800-575-5562 Shop By Phone Plastic Oddities MV34 Roof Vent Cap Helps Keep Out Leaves, Debris, Flying Insects, Animals Used on Roof Vents & Portable Toilet Vents Fits 3" or 4" Pipe Bolts onto Pipe 4. Buy now online. Stand-off Mounts - XLD WiMAX Tower Mount Antenna mounting pipes stand 16-1/2'' off of tower on standard kit, 32-1/2'' on long version. C-PortThe #1 choice for rooftop support systems meant for HVAC, electrical conduits, gas and refirgeration, solar racking, and more The H-Block Rooftop Support Systems are pre-assembled for easy installation, and suitable for Pipe & Conduit. 60 mil Slip  ROOFTOP SUPPORT DURA-BLOK 4"H X 6"W X 9. 6"L. Snap N Strut Qty 12, 79-93HS White PP Pipe Hanger For Surface Mount, 3 Inch EMT Conduit And Copper, And Sched 40 Pipe, American Made, one-piece hanger for pipes, cables, conduit 4. PHP is the leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative and sustainable roof, pipe, and, equipment support systems in the nation. • Roof Walkway supports. Solutions for rooftop support requirements such as walkways, pipe runs, duct support systems and more. Self-cutting or self-drilling roof fasten - ers can readily penetrate metals of these thicknesses. Featuring a similar design to the time-tested Model 1. The flashing of the vent pipes Aug 21, 2020 · A hip roof uses the same basic shape, but is elongated and is designed for a rectangular building. Lightweight, UV-rated plastic bases stand up to many years rooftop sun exposure in any climate. The heavy-duty base sits on the roof deck without the need to attach it to the roof surface with mechanical fasteners. Roof Vent Pipe Boot; Stand-Off Brackets and Hangers. The straps have two holes and strap kit consists of straps, bolts, nuts, and washers for mounting one conduit section. Made of 100% recycled material, the heavy-duty base sits on the roof deck without the need for mechanical fasteners. Best Seller. Compatible with 1/2", 3/4", and 1" EMT electrical conduit. No wonder PipeGuard is the industry’s preferred pipe support. The hip roof is also very popular in North America. Standon Pipe Supports Inc. Cable & Conduit Accessory Type:   SAINT LOUIS, MO 63114 · Home · Conduit, Raceway and Cable Support · Strut and Accessories · Strut Fittings · Rooftop Support. Easy down tilt adjustment. com/solar-energy-installer-training-programMark Mrohs displays how to Install Conduit Across Roof in a residen Roof rack is made up of bars and is fastened to the top of cars. 28-Gauge Galvanized Pipe Hanger Strap Oatey offers a complete range of pipe support Oatey offers a complete range of pipe support products for all of your application needs. Available for composition/asphalt shingle and wood shake roofs. This roof style maximizes the amount of usable space in the attic or top floor. manufactures roof supporta that save time and money, and give roof maintenance workers better, safer rooftop access to equipment. Asia/Australia : Pipe & Equipment Supports : CADDY® PYRAMID 50. lic conduit embedded within or directly underneath roof assemblies. 110) (English) Approval Information Contact Allied Tube & Conduit 16100 South Lathrop Avenue Harvey, IL 60426 Toll free: 800-882-5543 Local: 708-339-1610 Dec 10, 2018 · How to Clear Drains Through the Roof Vent. They offer superior load capacity and dramatically reduce installation time by replacing slow, heavy and labor-intensive methods for support of pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment. • Mar 12, 2015. Looking for DURA-BLOK Pipe Support Block, Recycled Rubber (15E509)? Grainger's got your back. Do It Yourself. Catalog ID: C4CSO7STK2. Needs such as these usually arises when preparing to go for a vacation or long distance travel. Strut supports for electrical and refrigeration. TO SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING: • Pipe supports. Types of Pipe Support Pipe Support Hangers. The plumbing vent pipe is a vertical pipe that attaches to the drain line and runs through the roof of a home. Plumbing vent pipes on house roofs are covered with a metal square of flashing and sealed with silicone caulking. 7272. G-STRUT Rooftop Support Blocks feature innovative designs that are&nb This 9" W x 4-7/8" H Roof Topper™ supports raised conduit or raceway 4" - or more - off the roof surface to meet the requirements of the 2011 NEC for  Roof Topperfor sturdy, efficient, reliable support of rooftop conduit! ROOF TOPPER Rooftop Supports. They are available in copper, carbon steel, and electro-galvanized finishes for non-insulated pipe applications. The load-dispersing foot design can be used in conjunction with a spacer to add additional height if required, or can be used on its own without risk of compromising the roof membrane. Manufactured to provide years of service   If required, place 2” Pipe Spacers at the base of each. Height extensions up to 18” are available. Wiring and conduit sizes are according to industry standards and NEC. Specifically we carry pipe flashings, pipe supports, fasteners, nails, equipment rails, roof drains, roof drain parts, rivets, power bits, butyl tape, SDS bits and much more. including gas, solar, HVAC systems, electrical conduit, roof walkways and more. FEATURES & BENEFITS. Special Bulk Pricing is available Commercial Electrical Contractors - Contact Rich Kietzke  For use with composite shingle roofs. From roofing contractors, plumbers and HVAC installers, the durability, cost-effectiveness and easy-to-adjust system provides flexibility for practically every situation is what professionals rely on It is a vertical pipe attached to a drain line and runs through the roof of your home. x 15-1/2 in. DBP_1 - 773cc25f-f1e9-4acc-a123-5e0d6fd55a40. 800-575-5562. installation of recycled rubber pipe [conduit] supports for mechanical piping. The roof rack diverts the attention form the interior of the car thereby giving room for more space in the car. Antenna separation is up to 48''. Design Note:  Provides superior support for pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment; Foam Supports green building requirements; thermoplastic bases are made from  DURA-BLOK is ideal for roof top support applications such as pipe, HVAC, duct, conduit, cable tray, and roof walkways. Provides a pathway for conduit to penetrate a roof  Spacers for HVI®light Conductor. PP10 with Pipe Roller Support for pipe sizes up to 3-1/2″ OD Product information. Load, Standard Package Quantity: 20. Our economical and labor saving designs which include roof pipe supports, roof mounted duct supports, access ramps, maintenance platforms Supports pipe, conduit, cable tray and equipment on roofs and below raised floors Easily increase load capacity by combining similar nVent CADDY Pyramid supports Protects the roof membrane while absorbing shock and vibration, without absorbing water Conduit Stand-Offs in stock at Galco! Huge Conduit Stand-Offs Inventory - Same Day Shipping - Expert Technical Support. Connections exposed to weather are made liquid tight. Price $53. Rooftop HVAC Duct Supports H-Frame HVAC duct supports utilize telescoping Unistrut channel, which allows for quick and easy height and width adjustments. 4. Adjustable Diameter. How to Install Tamper-Resistant Standoffs. Electrical and plumbing pedestals. It helps maintain proper atmospheric pressure in a building’s waste system and channels the exhaust gasses to the vent. 12 Mar 2015 Rooftop Supports for Pipe, Conduit, Duct, Cable, Electrical. Skylift brackets are unique because they allow you to attach your pergola or patio extension well above the rain gutter without interfering with the roof's support system. KnuckleHeads are tough, molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon rooftop supports designed to keep equipment elevated to extend your roof’s life and protect your investment. jpg. 18 "lnnerduct" means a flexible conduit installed by NES inside a larger conduit for the placement of fiber optic cable. interplaylearning. I feed it with a 1:1 voltage balun, and twin ladder-line, through an MFJ dual-meter antenna tuner. StandOff Edge Grips (Adjustable) 775. These mounts use our proprietary waterproofing technology to seal the roof penetrations and we use aluminum and stainless steel parts to secure the electrical conduit for the life of the system. with wedge mounting concrete block 17 kg (Part No. Certain ideas may be driven by a desire to upgrade, others  Our ROOST Support System has been designed to give you maximum versatility for all rooftop support applications such as pipe, conduit, cable trays, rooftop  STA-DOWN™ CRD can be used with any chairs, spacers, racks or grids. Reliable Support for Conduit, Cable Tray and More Roof Topper™ supports raise conduit or raceway 4" or more off the roof surface to meet the requirements of the 2014 NEC for temperature adjustment for circular conduit. These standoffs support common flashing products such as those from Oatey. Oct 15, 2016 · 1. com. Pipes rest in a ‘U’ shaped cradle situated in a polycarbonate resin seat. • Conduit supports. The electrical code provides some guidelines regarding conduit placement by Mark framing or roof deck supports, not the roof. All are installed without the need to cut open or ‘core’ the roof. PowerGrip Standard is designed for use with ballasted solar systems on thermoplastic membrane (TPO or PVC) roofs, and should not be used as the anchor on non Nov 17, 2017 · BS 6229:2003 ‘Flat roofs with continuously supported coverings Code of Practice’ and BS 8217:2005 ‘Reinforced bitumen membranes for roofing Code of Practice’ both state that if unwanted water ingress into the building is to be avoided all weatherproofing upstands occurring around the roof area; (which would include abutments, rooflights Spacers and standoffs are hollow tubes that connect two components while creating a specific distance between them. Download Rooftop Support Product product specification sheets Pipe, Duct & Cable Tray Supports RTSH 18"-48" H Stand Support: RTSSPB80HG: RTSH 54"-96" H Stand The Rooftop Support Systems (RTS) division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. 2800 Taylor Way Bldg. Nothing is as fast, easy or economical. Trapeze and bridge supports. Rooftop Sleeper Standoff Supports are a sturdy and cost-effective solution for creating an elevated rooftop standoff from existing sleeper supports or roof curbs. Roof-stand pipe: VVS Number: 164106110: Weight (kg) 0,45: Downloads. In addition, the IronRidge standoffs are available in multiple heights. Duct Work Rooftop Supports. Spacer for installation e. . LANL Standard Drawings and Details either (1) depict required format/content or (2) are templates that are completed by a Design Agency (LANL or external AE) for a design drawing package, in a manner similar to specifications. MERS-707-1/-2/-3/-4 Gas Line/Conduit Roof Supports (All Metal). 19 "Joint-Use Agreement" means an agreement whereby each party in agreement owns poles and has agreed that the other party has the right to attach to and occupy space upon the poles owned by it. Mount these beams across parallel roof joists to hang threaded rod and route pipe, duct, and other overhead systems in areas where there’s no anchoring point. Unique design absorbs thermal expansion and contraction of pipes thus preventing damage to the roof membrane. Pipe Stands & Supports Duro-Last® offers the KnuckleHead Rooftop Support System by GreenLink Eco-Engineering as a solution for your rooftop support needs. These are the pipes that vent from different areas of your home. All fixtures are within NEMA 3R rainproof enclosures. • Air Conditioning supports. Security outside the array. Multi Strut Clamps are designed to support stationary pipe and tubing lines from strut channels or on rooftop pipe and equipment supports. MERS-708 Tiered Line/Conduit Roof Support. 1. These fasteners are commonly used to position parts within an assembly, isolate electrical components, and give room for heat to dissipate. MERS-709 Combo Pipe support & Cross-Over   The Rooftop Pipe Support is designed for supporting pipes and conduit on roofs. Use the roof clamp to attach satellite dishes, roof walks, signs and conduit to metal roofing with seam penetrations. Available in an array of sizes and styles, Fastenal supports secure an object in any application. Raises Conduit, Raceway Off the Roof Surface. D. 5. Click for More Features. The PP10 with Pipe Roller Support model is designed for gas pipes up to 3 ½” OD with a standard height of up to 12” above the roof surface. Gambrel roof: this is also known as the barn roof, as this style is often used on barns. Pipe Prop is the leading pipe support and pipe stand choice for a wide variety of industry professionals. 100. Oatey No-Calk 12 in. ORDERING: Specify pipe size (for roller only), figure number and  3/4” EMT Conduit Support Standoff. Our rooftop support systems include crossovers, equipment platforms, seismic supports, gas pipe supports, pipe mounting pedestals, hot pipe supports, pipe supports for all types and sizes of pipes, conduit supports, gang pipe support, unistrut supports, equipment, and air-conditioners and duct-work. The 7" T-slot bar provides horizontal adjustability of the 2in strap kit. The 3. of the block keeps water from pooling under the support. Duct Stand-Off Bracket - For 3" Pipe. 5 out of 5 stars 180 1 offer from $9. Pedestals are furnished completely assembled. 829. Innovative Australian manufacturer of cable and pipe support components, offering you modern, leading-edge systems for managing building services. Description: A pipe support used to support roof-mounted gas pipes, electrical conduit, solar piping and other mechanical piping. " Created and implemented roof layout designs; Collaborated with electricians with routing of the conduit to the array; Worked on various roof types (flat tile, S tile, wood shake, composite, flat foam, and metal roofs) Installed standoffs, roof railings, and inverters; Properly flashed all roof penetration Rooftop Strut Support, Height: 5-5/8 Inch, Conduit Size: 1/2 Inch, 3/4 Inch, 1 Inch, Supports Up to 25 lbs. www. Protech Specialty Roofing Products JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Duct Stand-Off Bracket - For 4" Pipe CADDY® PYRAMID Pipe & Equipment Supports CADDY® PYRAMID Rooftop Supports Stand the Test of Time – Wood Blocks Don’t! S Wood blocks can easily rot when exposed to rooftop weather conditions, such as sunlight exposure or rain. Strap kits are available for use with the CSO system with the following variations. In stock and ready to ship. N. U-Bolts Mount these general purpose U-bolts into an existing bracket, or combine with a mounting plate for a secure hold at the mounting surface. Leads for connection to the power source below the roofline are shielded in Flexible Metal Conduit. $10. 00. Instead of heavy rubber blocks that can harden and crumble over time under the Sun's heat, these supports are made of lightweight, UV-rated recycled plastic. CONDUIT STANDOFF BRACKET, 4in POLE OFFSET, with 7in T-SLOT BAR and 2in CONDUIT STRAP. CommScope solutions work best when they are designed, delivered, configured and installed by our global partner network. If enough snow falls in your area during a short period of time, the pipes may become clogged with the snow, which may freeze in the vent pipe. Roof Topper™ Conduit Supports from Arlington® provide an effective, economical, and ecologically sustainable solution for running pipelines atop your roof. Lightweight aluminum standoffs are available for flush mount solar PV module applications, Heavy-duty, welded steel roof mount standoffs are available for tilt mount solar mounting applications. How to Seal a Plumbing Vent Pipe on the Roof. U. The industry leader in 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof mounts. The vent stack is the pipe leading to the main roof vent. - 4 in. The various models can support gas lines, electrical conduit, solar lines, and just about any other small mechanical piping. A bonding system for a tank battery containing a flammable or combustible product being stored or conveyed, including a bonding conductor, an electrically conductive base member mounted on the tank, the electrically-conductive base member electrically connected to the bonding conductor and to ground installed within each tank and also including a flexible conductive medium with an upper end Allows the contractor to comply with 2011 NEC for temperature adjustment for conduit. 7 out of 5 stars 19 $28. • HVAC supports. materials and accessories, and performing all operations required for the correct. SIGN UP FOR GYFORD ENEWS. 102 340). Protech Products is a supplier of specialty construction products, roofing fasteners, accessories and specialty construction products. 50 $ 28 . 5, the Model 3. 9603401490. Aluminum conduit bracket supports conduit with 4" offset from pole. PHP engineers and manufactures roof pipe supports without penetration, flashings, or damage to the roofing material. Installation should be in accordance with the NFPA " National Electrical Code. Sep 23, 2006 · The closest it gets to the roof is about 18 inches, and a good portion of it is further away from the shingles than that. Commercial Roofing Construction Detail: Flashing A Pipe With Liquid Applied Flashing (CTL-SF-06) Commercial Roofing Construction Details: How to Flash A Pipe (CT-13) Inside R&D: How We Develop Solar Reflective (Cool Roof) Shingles When it comes to supporting small rooftop pipes and conduit, nothing is faster or easier than OMG PipeGuard ®. Add To Cart. S CADDY PYRAMID Rooftop Supports are Rooftop HVAC Duct Supports H-Frame HVAC duct supports utilize telescoping Unistrut channel, which allows for quick and easy height and width adjustments. OMG Roofing Products offers PowerGrip roof mounts in four configurations for virtually every roof application. The waste lines in your house are connected to a venting system that performs two important functions. These are perfect for your facility. nVent CADDY Pyramid rooftop supports are a surface mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces. Dura-Blok supports offer a total solution for rooftop applications such as solar PV mounting systems, piping, HVAC equipment, roof top walkway, ducts, conduit  nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Strut-Based Supports nVent CADDY Pyramid Tool- Free Supports nVent CADDY Pyramid 25 Pipe and Conduit Support, Plastic. Shop for Pipe Supports at Ferguson. g. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. It channels the exhaust gases to the vent and helps maintain proper atmospheric pressure in the waste system. Shop pipe support & clamps and a variety of plumbing products online at Lowes. Typically used as a free standing/non-penetrating pipe support stand for conduit, refrigeration and natural   Rooftop Gas and Mechanical Pipe Roller Supports · Rooftop Electrical Conduit and Condensate Pipe Supports · Custom engineered and pre-built Unistrut Rooftop  100% recycled rubber bases assure that our roof pipe supports are safe to place Pipe Supports When it comes to supporting small rooftop pipes and conduit,  Rooftop Supports. Supports up to 2,000 lbs. Browse our selection of Roof Pipe Flashings and Accessories and find what you need at guaranteed low prices. EW. • Duct supports. 2,029 views2K views. With nine models ranging in size  Conduit Supports. 50 3/4 in. x 100 ft. Accepts 2-3/8'' OD to 4-1/2'' OD antenna mounting pipes. STANDOFF CONDUIT STRAP 8" FOR STANDOFF ALU STK-8 8" CONDUIT STRAP FOR STANDOFF ALU STK-8 INCLUDES 1/2" BOLTS AND NUTS. 0 is fully compatible with the 3-R spacer as well as pipe guides and our 12”x12” support pad. The revolutionary design of our roof riser hardware results in more simplified and secure installations, as well as a better and more versatile finished product. Stand pipe for emergency roof drain. 02. Dura-Blok rooftop supports. Still, if a blockage is in place, you have two options. By CHANCE Utility. Eliminates derating of conductors due to heat by allowing conduit to run below the roof line - Allows different conduit stub types to be prefabbed to the plate,  nVent CADDY rooftop supports are a surface-mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a Pipe and Conduit Support, Plastic   steel, these heavy-duty rooftop supports are built for long-lasting performance. Select options below for a specific Roof-stand pipe. Made of 100% recycled rubber, the Dura-Blok support has no sharp or abrasive edges and does not penetrate the roof, helping extend the life of the roof. Oftentimes when there is a roof leak the cause might be the pipe collar or vent stacks. 5/16” x 1-1/2” Determine location of conduit supports based on conduit run and mark roof surface if desired. Rubber Triangle Pipe Block when the pipe or conduit is higher from the roof surface and will not be prop-. Pipe hangers are parts that can be fastened to something else to support a length of pipe. To do it yourself, start by clearing debris from around the pipe. A pipe support used to support roof-mounted gas pipes, electrical conduit, solar piping and other mechanical piping. When used in combination with B-Line series strut systems or pipe hanger systems, Dura-Blok supports offer a total solution for rooftop applications such as solar PV mounting systems, piping, HVAC equipment, roof top walkway, ducts, conduit and cable tray supports. Generally, one side is made with a rounded end that holds the pipe up, and the other side is made for securing to a beam or other structural element. Specification Sheet - EMERGENCY DRAIN STAND PIPE - (400. Lite Pipe KnuckleHeads are engineered to support a single 1” pipe or two 1⁄2” pipes for such applications as electrical conduit and condensation pipes. Roofing and electrical conduit. 8 Pack | Rooftop Support | Saddle Pipe Support | Rooftop Block Stand with Pipe Cradle and Support Gas Pipes, Electrical Conduit, Plumbing Pipes, Refrigeration Pipes; Unique Design The pipe supports appear to have been built well. Because working on your vent pipe is difficult at best, taking preventative steps before you encounter a problem is your best course of action. 0 is just as simple to install and is guaranteed to withstand harsh rooftop conditions for years to come. DURA-BLOK can be used to support piping, HVAC/Ducts, roof walkways, conduit and cable tray. Roof Topper™ supports raise conduit or raceway 4" or more off the roof surface to meet the requirements of the 2014 NEC for temperature adjustment for circular   way to support pipes, HVAC systems, rooftop walkway systems, ducting, conduit, cable tray, and more. Compare.