Charlotte Figi had her first seizure attack when she was only 3 months old. Her eyes were fluttering uncontrollably and went on that way for almost 30 minutes. Charlotte was rushed to the hospital but wasn’t diagnosed with anything. Then, the second seizure episode began. This second attack was longer and a lot serious compared to the former episode.

The seizures attack when on, and Charlotte’s doctors are still finding it hard to come up with a proper diagnosis. Until Charlotte was rushed to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, it was in that hospital that Charlotte was finally diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.

Charlotte got the worse spectrum of epilepsy.

Dravet Syndrome is the worst spectrum of epilepsy that you could get. The patient with Dravet Syndrome has a hard time controlling the symptoms. Why? This type of syndrome is difficult to treat, and the symptoms are sometimes severe.

Because of the difficulty in treating Dravet Syndrome, Charlotte’s family tried every option that they had at hand. Some of the alternative options that they looked at were ketogenic diet and anti-seizure drugs for dogs. The keto worked but resulted in undesirable side effects. After only two years, Charlotte’s seizure came back.

CBD was administered to Charlotte

In the year 2000, Amendment 20 was approved. This approval meant the allowance of setting up the medicinal marijuana registry in Colorado. Charlotte’s father had been scouring the internet when he saw this video of a boy with Dravet Syndrome, successfully treated with cannabis.

By then, Charlotte’s condition had worsened. The little girl couldn’t eat, talk, and even walk. Charlotte’s family was on edge and desperately wanted her to try cannabis. However, searching for two doctors to sign a medical marijuana card for Charlotte didn’t turn out to be an easy feat.

They finally met two doctors who would let them try CBD. These doctors were Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Alan Shackelford. The doctors knew that Charlotte’s family have already exhausted any possible alternative treatments that they have. So, they tried CBD.

The family went to a dispensary in Denver and had acquired low-dose marijuana that is called R4. R4 is high in CBD and low in THC. They had it extracted as an oil. They tested it in a lab, then finally, administered to Charlotte. At first, they were afraid to try it to Charlotte as it would seem like Charlotte is being used as a guinea pig. However, as the hours tick by, Charlotte didn’t show any indication of seizure episodes.

For the next couple of days, Charlotte’s seizure didn’t return. It was a miracle, but they were running out of supply. That’s when they found the Stanley Brother. The Stanley Brothers have a dispensary of marijuana. They are crossbreeding marijuana to achieve a breed that is high in CBD but low in THC. This is where Charlotte gets her supply of cannabis medication.

Final Thought

It’s easy to ignore the complications of epilepsy treatment when it’s not your loved one that’s at stake. In Charlotte’s family case, they didn’t stop until they got proper treatment for Charlotte. CBD was heaven sent to them, and so is for thousands of people that suffer from the difficult spectrums of epilepsy. Thinking of getting one? Talk to your doctor about CBD oil today.


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