The CBD oil or cannabidiol is getting lots of attention due to its potential of becoming the next natural treatment for various disorders. One of these disorders is epilepsy, which is characterized by its main symptom – seizure. There is a current medication to calm down seizure attack, but some epileptic patients are developing a resistance to it. Meaning, the current medication might work for some, but it might also not work for the unfortunate ones.

What Are Some Of The Positive Effects Of CBD Oil for Seizure Treatment?

In a study conducted at the University of Alabama, CBD oil was tested as a positive treatment for seizures (Shepard, 2018). According to their data:

  • Most patients felt that their seizure attacks lessened in frequency. Another study published in the Epilepsy and Behaviour Journal (Schachter, N.D), says that child patients experienced fewer seizure attacks. Their data shows remarkable results too for adults. After their CBD treatment, the seizure attacks all in all declined from 144 attacks to only 52 in 12 weeks. The study involves a 132 number of patients. 72 of all the patients are children, and 60 of them were adults.
  • Cannabinoid can latch on to these receptors to manage pain, normalize some bodily function, bring calmness to the person, and more. Thus, lessening the intensity of seizure attacks. Our body has cannabinoids which incidentally gives out a similar effect to CBD. Cannabinoids can function because of the receptors, CB1, and CB2. Most of these receptors can be found in our brain. CB1 receptors manage the vital functionalities of the human body. These functions include body coordination, emotions, mood, memory, and more.
  • On the other hand, CB2 receptors process the feeling of pain and inflammation. The similarities between the human-produced cannabinoids and that of CBD may affect the functionalities that CB1 and CB2 process.

Why More and More People Are Considering CBD To Treat Their Seizure Attacks?

  • First, CBD oil is not that expensive if you know where to look. If you compare the price range of CBD oil to some medications for seizure, CBD has a pretty reasonable price.
  • CBD oil can be biocompatible (Yin et al., 2017). Meaning, it works well with the human tissue. It can possibly not bring harm to the human tissues and organs even when used in the long run.
  • The side effects of CBD oil are from zero to tolerable. If you are following the correct way of using it, you will have no problem unless you have some prior allergies to it.

Final Thought

Yes, CBD oil has a lot of potential in lessening seizure attacks and its intensity. However, there are some states and countries that are still apprehensive in legalizing CBD. With this, some epileptic patients have a hard time acquiring CBD for their own medical needs. Others would even fly in some states of America or the U.K. or United Kingdom just to receive the CBD medication.

We hope that more countries will consider the legalization of CBD for medicinal purposes. We have to consider CBD’s medicinal purpose as more and more researches are overwhelming us with CBD’s positive effects for seizure treatment. So you go and try CBD oil today for and you just might find the cure for your seizure attacks.


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